Woman Says She's Never Felt Sexier in Her Life After Growing Out Full Beard

"It was exhausting trying to keep it hidden," Rose Geil said, adding that the hairs would grow back as soon as she tried to shave them.

After dumping her razors and waxes, this Oregon woman says sporting a full beard has never made her feel sexier.

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Rose Geil, 39, said that she's been self-conscious about her appearance since she was a teenager, when she noticed hairs start to come in rapidly.

What began as extra hairs on her sideburns quickly spread to her chin and cheeks. Soon, Geil began shaving it off, and waking up with stubble on her chin the next morning, Barcroft Media reported.

"It was exhausting trying to keep it hidden," she said, adding that the hairs would grow back as soon as she tried to shave them.

She was never medically diagnosed, but believed it was a symptom of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and her genetics.

After years of shaving, plucking, laser hair removal, and hormonal birth control pills, Geil finally decided to give in to her battle with her facial hair. She decided to grow it out.

"My skin could not take shaving another day," Geil said, according to Barcroft. "I was emotionally drained from trying to hide it every day."

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She endured the itching as it grew out, and six weeks later, she fell in love with her full grown beard.

"I've finally accepted the real me," Geil said. "I definitely feel womanly, sexy and sensuous."

Though she used to be self-conscious about going outside, and sometimes not leaving the house for days on end because of her facial hair, she now says that being approached on the street has made her feel more confident than ever.

"People on the street do look at me and do a double take, but their reactions are either positive or neutral," she said, including that when people approach her to chat, they "tell me I'm brave, and courageous, and even an inspiration."

"The beard is awesome," one of her friends said in a video by Barcroft, "it's way better than my husband's beard."

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She's even been accumulating a quite a fan base, including that some offer her plane tickets, send her inappropriate pictures, and even propose to her.

"Some of them get a little carried away," she laughed.

Sporting a full beard and hair on her chest, "I've finally accepted the real me," Geil said.

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