Man Shot by Police Who Responded to Wrong Address Has Died, Family Lawyer Says

Officers responded to William "David" Powell's home after a 911 call reported a woman yelling for help and gunshots.

A Georgia man who was mistakenly shot by police after they showed up to the wrong house has died from his wounds, according to a family lawyer.

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Officers from the Henry County Police Department responded to the Stockbridge home of William “David” Powell after a 911 call reported a woman yelling for help and gunshots just after midnight Wednesday.

Powell, 63, came out of his garage with a handgun and refused to drop the weapon, authorities said.

At least one of the three officers fired his weapon, hitting Powell in the neck, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said in a statement.

A preliminary review of the 911 call indicates that the officers were at the wrong location, officials said.

“The caller was unable to get a specific address location for the incident and gave their best estimate to where they thought it was coming from,” GBI spokesman Scott Dutton told WAGA-TV. “So based on the directions provided to the Henry County Officers, they wound up at Mr. Powell's residence."

Powell was rushed to the Atlanta Medical Center. He died Thursday, attorney Keith Martin told CBS46 News.

Police were not injured during the incident. The officer who shot Powell was placed on administrative leave, authorities said.

Neighbors told CBS46 that police shined a flashlight into Powell’s home before the man came out of the house.

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“If you’re a cop, you don’t go up to someone’s house and start shining your light in their window,” Powell’s next door neighbor told the TV station.

GBI spokesman Scott Dunton would not confirm to the TV station whether officers used a flashlight to look into the home or if the officers knocked on the door.

It was not immediately clear if the Powell family plans to file a lawsuit.

The GBI is conducting an independent investigation to determine what occurred during the incident.

When their investigation is complete, it will be turned over to the district attorney for review.  

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