Fright at the Museum: Giant Man Seen Dragging Employee, Putting Her in Chokehold in Horrifying Video

The video shows the heart-stopping moment Amanda Berry is abducted in the museum gift shop.

Terrifying video of a hulking 6-foot-6-inch tall man attacking a museum employee in the gift shop and threatening to kill her has been released.

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The incident happened May 31 at the High Desert Museum in Oregon. The footage was released June 8.

In the footage, the giant takes a woman hostage at a museum, as terrified children watch. He had her in a choke hold and held a knife to her throat.

The 39-year-old hostage, Amanda Berry, could be heard begging him to stop.

Visitors and bystanders pleaded for him to let her go, police swarmed the area and as he reached the door, the attacker, identified as Nicholas Berger, pushed her aside.

She ran for her life, and the 36-year-old assailant was shot dead by police in the parking lot.

Security expert Steve Kardian watched the video and says there are ways to escape from a chokehold, even when your attacker is a behemoth.

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He told Inside Edition: "Step to the right, bend at the waste and step behind him, take the arm and push it into the back and run."

The victim is a musician who performs in a museum band that recreates music from the old west. It's not known what prompted the attacker to target her.

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