Marliu Henner's Rare and Remarkable Memory

Actress Marilu Henner is in a very small group of people born with the amazing gift of total recall, allowing her to remember everything. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Actress Marilu Henner has a special extraordinary capacity for total recall. She remembers everything.

Henner explains some memory recalls, saying, "Like these shoes...the first time I wore them was October 18th, 2007." She pulls out another pair of shoes and says, "These I wore on April the 21st of this year. So that was a Tuesday."

Most us can't remember what we ate for lunch today, but Henner tells 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl that she can remember every lunch in their 25-year friendship.

Henner said to Stahl, "Do you remember when we went to Aureole, the restaurant? That was 1993."

"Oh my gosh," replies Stahl.

"That was June 1st. A Tuesday," said Henner.

Stahl asked, "And what did we eat?"

"I had the salmon," said Henner.

Henner, who starred in the classic 1970's sitcom Taxi, is one of only 6 in 310 million Americans with "Superior Autobiographical Memory," a condition that allows them to remember the smallest details from almost every day in their lives.

Concert violinist Louise Owen has a jaw-dropping ability to recall specific events on any given date.

Scientists are just starting to understand this rare ability. Even Henner's son Joey is astounded by his mom's memory.

Joey asks, "Hey, mom? What day was Valentine's Day in 1979?"

"In 1979? It was a Wednesday."

Joey checked on it and said, "And you're right. How do you??

"You know, you've lived with me your entire life," said Henner.

"Yeah, but you've never explained how you do that."

Henner replied, "I don't do it. I just see it."

Marilu Henner's amazing memory gift airs Sunday night on 60 Minutes.