Teen Who Fatally Shot Pregnant Woman When He Was 11 Is Released, Just 7 Years Later

Prosecutors said Jordan Brown shot 26-year-old Kenzie Houk with a shotgun in 2009.

A Pennsylvania teen who fatally shot a pregnant woman when he was 11 has won his release from custody at age 18.

Prosecutors argued that Jordan Brown shot his father's fiancée in the head with a shotgun as she lay in bed in 2009.

Brown then walked to the school bus, leaving 26-year-old Kenzie Houk and her 8-month-old unborn baby to die.

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Prosecutors say Brown dropped a single shotgun shell as he left Houk's 4-year-old daughter behind with her dead mother after Brown's father had gone to work.

While he was originally charged as an adult, Brown was evenutally found "delinquent," the juvenile court version of guilty.

After spending much of his teenage years in custody, Brown will now be a free--albeit supervised--man.

And the Houk family is outraged.

"It's a double-murder. He killed my daughter and a baby," Jack Houk, Kenzie's father, told the AP. "Every six months they have a thing to see how he's doing. It's always about how he's doing."

Houk's mother was also furious with the decision.

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"It's been seven years, and nothing's been done," Kenzie's mother Debra Houk told the Tribune-Democrat. "He hasn't admitted to anything. He hasn't received treatment or counseling. This is just too much. I'm done."

Brown's supervision will end when he turns 21.

According to the Tribune-Democrat, the teen was released to a family member in Mahoning County, Ohio, by a Lawrence County, Pennsylvania judge.

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