Newborn Smiles as She's Placed in Late Father's Gloves: 'He Will Always Be With Us'

Though baby Aubrey will never meet her father, photographer Kim Stone said: "As soon as I put the glove on top of her, the baby started smiling."

This newborn will never be able to meet her father, but her tender smile when placed in his gloves seems to prove there's no limit to a father's love. 

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Before he was shot to death, 25-year-old Hector Daniel Ferrer Alvarez of Pompano Beach, Florida, always said he wanted newborn photos when their daughter was born. 

"He was so excited just to be a daddy," Aubrey's mother Kathryn Seable Williams told

Through her heartbreak, Williams went to photographer Kim Stone, a neighbor and family friend, in tears, bringing a few items she wanted her 3-week-old daughter to be photographed with.

Some of those items included her father's motorcycle helmet and gloves, for a sports bike he rode frequently. He later traded it in for a safer bike when he found out they had a baby on the way.

Stone placed the 3-week-old inside the gloves, and told, "it was just so special. As soon as I put the glove on top of her, the baby started smiling. I didn't have time to set up lights or anything, I just started taking photos."

"She knew our story, and she gave us finally something that allows us to cry," Williams said, in tears. "It's a reminder that he's not here physically, but he will always be with us. He's always going to show her that he loves her."

Stone later posted the photo on Facebook, including, "they say that angels are talking to babies when they smile in their sleep. I guess maybe that's true."

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Since the photoshoot earlier this month, the image of baby Audrey in her father's gloves has stolen the hearts of many who share in Williams' heartbreak over her late boyfriend.

Williams said that even though she and Alvarez were not married, they had planned on having a small ceremony after their baby daughter was born.

"We pretty much planned out the first five years of Aubrey's life," she said.

They wanted to travel to Puerto Rico soon after Aubrey's birth, so Alvarez's family would be able to meet the new baby. The couple planned to take vacations to Disney World twice a year, and embark on family roadtrips on Alvarez's Harley Davidson.

"His passion was motorcycles," Williams explained. "He traded his two bikes to get a Harley because he wanted to get a mommy and daddy bike. He didn't think we should be driving fast anymore because we had a baby on the way. When he did that at 25, everyone was shocked."

Even when he rode his sports bikes, Williams said Alvarez was known as the advocate for safety around his motorcycle club: "He wanted everybody to be safe. Everybody was his brother."

His advocacy made it all the more tragic when Williams came home after coaching volleyball one night to find that Alvarez has been shot to death by a friend in the motorcycle club following what witnesses called a "stupid" argument, according to the Sun Sentinel.

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Williams would give birth to their baby girl a month later, on May 26.

"He always told me, 'if something would happen, I know my baby will be okay because you're going to be a great mom no matter what,'" Williams told "I have to live with that, but at the time, it was the sweetest thing he could have ever said."

To help Kathryn Williams and baby Aubrey in their time of need, visit their GoFundMe page. 

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