'What Would You Do?' Is Back, and the Hidden Camera Scenarios Are Downright Shocking

John Quinones is back with the show that shows one's true colors in a bizarre situation.

The new season of ABC’s What Would You Do? begins Friday and host John Quinones is speaking about the show that sets up shocking scenarios on hidden camera.

"I love to watch the wheels in people’s heads turn as they are on hidden camera, trying to decide what to do," he told Inside Edition.

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In one instance, an obnoxious pharmacist discloses personal medical information of one patient for the entire store to hear.

Quinones explained: "Very few confronted the actual pharmacist and told her to ‘shut up.’ Most people went to the management and said ‘you gotta stop this.’”

In another segment, an actress posing as customer is seen berating a supermarket bagger, who has Down syndrome.

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Many of the other patrons defended the employee, not realizing everyone involved was an actor.

"It was very, very touching. Even the young actor who says he has been victimized by ugly words and [people] very cruel to him, says he was relieved to see the goodness in people," Quinones explained. 

The host says he sees a common thread in all the fake scenarios.

"What you see is real heroes who have no idea they are on hidden camera and step up and do the right thing. That is inspiring," Quinones said. 

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