911 Call Revealed for the First Time Since Emergency That Left Richard Simmons Hospitalized

The fitness guru later took to Facebook to let his fans know he was ok, and just "dehydrated."

The 911 call placed the day Richard Simmons was rushed to the hospital has been revealed, but it provides little explanation as to what was wrong with the fitness fanatic.

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An unidentified caller alerted authorities to the emergency at Simmons’ Hollywood Hills home.

Most of the call has been blocked to protect Simmons' privacy, but after asking a number of questions the 911 operator is heard advising the caller.

"Just have him be in the position of comfort. Don't give him anything to eat or drink," the operator instructed.

Simmons insisted he was just dehydrated but reports say he was exhibiting "bizarre behavior."

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The 911 operator told the caller: “If anything gets worse, just give us a call us back. We're on our way.”

Days later on June 6, Simmons took to Facebook to post that he was "dehydrated." 

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