Shania Twain Falls in Love

After her husband reportedly left her for a married woman, Shania Twain has fallen in love with the woman's husband. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

"I'm in love!"

With those words, Shania Twain told the world that she's engaged! The lucky guy? Get this, he's the ex-husband of Twain's former best friend. That's the same woman Twain's ex-husband reportedly left her for two years ago. Call it, a wife swap with a happy ending.

"Frederic has been a true gift to me as a compassionate, understanding friend and over time, an amazing love has blossomed from this precious friendship," the country music superstar wrote on her web site Monday.

As Twain celebrates new love, a similar story of broken vows is causing a storm of controversy.

Another couple fell in love while they were both married to other people. Carol Anne Riddell is a former TV news reporter. John Partilla is an advertising executive. Their wedding was just featured in the New York Times vows section.

In the paper, they revealed that they met at their children's school, fell in love, and decided to leave their spouses. The couple claims they didn't have an affair before they dumped their exes.

Riddell says, "I will always feel terribly about the pain I caused my ex-husband."

While Partilla says, "I did a terrible thing as honorably as I could."

Psychologist Jeff Gardere said, "It seemed that they had some real feelings of guilt and in some ways, even though this was supposed to be something celebratory, it was really a confessional."

Now there's outrage online, with comments like, "It's a sign of our times that personal responsibility to one's spouse and children takes a back seat to selfish, self-centered love."

Today, the groom, John Partilla, says he regrets sharing his wedding with the world, saying, "If we had had an indication afterwards of the nerve it would have struck, we obviously would not have shared our life in any way publicly." (Source: New York Post)