Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Gets Into Altercation in Rehab

INSIDE EDITION talks to Lindsay Lohan's dad about her reported altercation with a Betty Ford staff member, and has the latest details on Lindsay's rehab drama.

Linday Lohan's father is speaking out on the latest drama in his troubled daughter's life.

Michael Lohan said, "She said, 'Daddy, please don't let them take me to jail.' "

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret sat down with Michael Lohan the day after this staffer at the Betty Ford Clinic accused Lindsay of "criminal battery."

Last night, the woman was fired for coming forward with her story.

"Regrettably one of our employees violated strict confidentiality guidelines," Betty Ford officials said in a statement. Lindsay's accuser was reportedly paid $10,000 to tell her story.

The Betty Ford staffer says that she was called in to do a breathalizer test on Lindsay after she snuck out past curfew. She says she could smell alcohol on her breath, and that she refused to take a breathalizer test. That's when the staffer says, things turned violent.

In the incident report that Lindsay's accuser sent to officials at the Betty Ford Clinic, Lindsay is referred to as "Bella G," her code name at the clinic. 

The staffer claims Lindsay "pushed" her, "threw the phone" at her, and finally, "grabbed my right hand and tried to snatch the phone that I had up to my ear, then called me a (expletive deleted)."

The woman says she suffered a sprained right arm and hand.

Dr. Howard Samuels of The Hills Treatment Center told lNSIDE EDITION, "It's common for there to be attitudes between staff and the clients, because, remember, the clients are there because they have attitude problems. The clients are there because they can't handle a 'no.' That's why they're in treatment."

Here's what we know about Linday's accuser. Her name is Dawn Holland. She's 46-years-old, and she works as a chemical dependency technician at Betty Ford. On her MySpace page, where she poses in a provocative outfit, she says she's married with three children and adds, "My second family is my family in recovery."

Lindsay tells a different story. She says that she wasn't partying, but out getting her hair done. She also says that Holland grabbed her and pushed her so hard that Lindsay broke down in tears. That's when she says she called 911.

Lindsay's lawyer says, "It should be noted that it was Ms. Lohan who called 911 to request police assistance at the time this incident occurred." (Source: Shawn Chapman Holley)

Former Los Angeles County Deputy DA, Robin Sax, told INSIDE EDITION, "Lindsay Lohan is in hot water if it turns out the allegations against her are true. If judge Elton Fox even has any sort of indication that the violation in this case has to do with drugs or alcohol, then she's going to jail."