Ex-NASCAR Driver, Daughter Attacked Outside Rascal Flatts Concert: 'I Thought My Dad Was Dead'

Mike Wallace was savagely beaten, and his daughter was also injured when she tried to help him.

A 57-year-old dad, a former NASCAR champion, was bloodied and battered after he says he was attacked randomly at a concert.

Mike Wallace spent 25 years behind the wheel in the world of fast cars and racetracks.

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He, his wife and daughter Lindsey were leaving a Rascal Flatts concert in Charlotte, North Carolina, when the dangerous situation unfolded.

The family says a young man confronted them in the parking lot with his buddies.

“The last thing I remember is getting hit really hard in the face,” he recalled.

Cops say two guys "... kicked and punched [Wallace] in the head, face and stomach."

Lindsey came to her father’s rescue and says as she tried pulling the assailants off her dad, when she was assaulted by several females.

“That's when a mom comes up, puts her hand on my throat, a girl comes from behind, pulling my hair, kicking me” she recalled.

When it was over, Mike was left unconscious on the ground. To make matters worse, he's still recovering from triple-bypass surgery he had in April.

“I thought my dad was dead at this point, he's not moving and I don't recognize his face,” Lindsey said. “It's a bloodbath.”

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Lindsey says she has bruises on her wrists and on her ribs from her "breast bone down to her sides." Her father said "I got 12 stitches in my lip. I got a contusion in the back of my head." 

Mike still can't believe what happened at what should have been a fun Father's Day weekend concert with his daughter.

“You can't imagine the pain,” he said. “Realizing some people did the damage to her, hurt her, because she was trying to protect me.”

The band posted on Twitter they were "saddened" to hear what happened to the family.

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