Will Broadway's Spider-Man Shut Down?

Some are calling for Broadway's Spider-Man to close permanently in the wake of injuries to some of the performers. INSIDE EDITION has the latest developments.

Shut Spidey down! That's what some are saying about Broadway's most expensive show, Spider-Man - Turn Off the Dark, after that stunt gone horribly wrong.

Actor Chris Tierney remains in serious condition with broken ribs and will undergo emergency back surgery today after a terrifying 30 foot fall. His harness suddenly snapped in the middle of a live performance. He is the fourth cast member to be injured in the show's high flying acrobatics.

New York Post theater critic Michael Reidel told INSIDE EDITION, "One actor broke his foot. Another actor broke his wrists. An actress, one of the leads in the show, at the first preview, was hit in the head with a wire and has a concussion, and she has yet to return to the show."

Now, the problem-plagued $65 million musical is making front page news.

The New York Post blares, "Mangled Web. "

Reidel said, "I've never really seen a show that is a danger zone the way Spider-Man seems to be."

Some of Broadway's biggest stars are calling for the curtain to be dropped on Spider-Man for good.

"Does someone have to die?" tweeted Alice Ripley, who won a Tony last year for the Broadway musical Next to Normal.

Adam Pascal who starred in the film and stage version of the hit show Rent joined in on the rally cry, going after Spider-Man's famed director Julie Taymor.

"They should put Julie Taymor in jail for assault!" Pascal wrote on Facebook.

Taymor is calling the fall "heartbreaking" in a statement and says, "Nothing is more important than the safety of our Spider-Man family."