Bernie Madoff's Former Secretary Surrenders to Authorities

Bernie Madoff's former secretary surrendered to authorities on charges of hiding millions of dollars of the swindler's money. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Bernie Madoff's 62 year-old secretary - with her husband's arm around her - surrendered to Federal officials after her $5 million bail was revoked.

“Don't you touch her with that camera! I'm telling you right now!,” said her husband

Prosecutors say Annette Bongiorno was more than just a secretary to the imprisoned ponzi schemer.  At Madoff's side for 40 years, prosecutors claim she is hiding millions of dollars of Madoff money.

The prosecution thinks that Bernie trusted her totally and she was the person who was in charge of fabricating documents, moving money around keeping the customers away from him.

The Daily Beast's Allan Dodd Frank says her indictment last month increased the pressure on Madoff's son Mark - and may have helped trigger his suicide two weeks ago.  “There would be no-one more devastating on the witness stand to the Madoff family than Annette Bongiorno - if she chose to do what the prosecutors want her to do.”

Bongiorno has pled not guilty to conspiracy and securities fraud.

She had been under house arrest at her sprawling million-dollar country club home.

As well as spending the holidays behind bars Annette Bongiorno faces another ordeal.  She says she is terrified of flying, but Federal officials plan to fly her from Florida to jail in New York.

Annette Bongiorno faces 75 years in prison if convicted.