Monkey Still On the Loose After Escaping His Zoo Enclosure

A Guenon's Monkey got loose from its enclosure at the Forest Park Zoo in Springfield, Massachusetts and the zoo has shut down.

A cheeky little monkey that managed to escape his enclosure has single-handedly shut down a Massachusetts zoo.

Dizzy, a Guenon's Monkey, made a run for it Tuesday while a staffmember at the Forest Park Zoo in Springfield was doing some cleaning.

"Our zoo staff exited the enclosure to answer a guest's questions and within that time frame, Dizzy manually twisted the door knob and let himself out, a circumstance that has never happened at the zoo and is very rare," the zoo explained in a Facebook post.

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To ensure the safety of the 12-pound monkey, the zoo temporarily closed its doors to the public on Tuesdy.

By Tuesday night, Dizzy was still running circles around zoo staff.

"Last night we had Dizzy very close to returning to his enclosure, however, one of the members of the crowds that had gathered threw an object attempting to hit Dizzy and scared him off.

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"We are now pleading with the public and the media to stay away from the zoo until Dizzy is returned safely. This could take days, so we appreciate your cooperation," the zoo posted.

Night came and went without Dizzy being returned to his habitat. the zoo posted Wednesday afternoon:

"Dizzy Update: we are so very close to returning Dizzy to his home! There have been some misunderstandings, please note that the zoo has been closed all day and will continue to remain closed until further notice."

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