Robbers Get Arrested After Bragging About Stealing Thousands of Dollars In Facebook Video: Cops

Raderius Collins, 18, and Marcus Parker, 27, show off wads of bills in a video posted to social media.

Two men have been arrested after allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from homes in a Florida community and then posting a bragging video to Facebook.

A video shows Raderius Collins, 18, Marcus Parker, 27, and a third man riding in a car while blasting music and showing off wads of bills -- ranging from 20’s to 100’s.

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They also reference a safe, which, upon further investigation, held stolen jewels with a value of $500,000, police told WSVN. Though he has yet to be identified, police believe the third man in the car also took part in the crimes.

Police said they were made aware of the video after receiving a tip. In a short amount of time, the men stole thousands of dollars’ worth of cash and goods, first on May 27 and again on June 9, according to detectives.

“These men were involved in burglaries where there was over $500,000 worth of jewelry and valuables stolen from two different houses within two weeks in Pinecrest," Village of Pinecrest Communications Manager Michelle Hammontree told CBS Miami.

Using a search warrant, police found many items were sold to Xodium Jewelry & Watch Repair for $3,900. It was later revealed the actual value of goods was about a half a million dollars.

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According to arrest records, the men have been charged with various accounts of burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief and dealing in stolen property.

According to arrest records, Collins has been charged with burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief and dealing in stolen property while Parker faces charges of burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief and eluding police.

Collins has pleaded not guilty to his charges, according to the Miami Herald, but cops were not able to provide additional information about Parker.

Both suspects are scheduled to be arraigned July 11.

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