Passengers Watch in Horror as Airplane's Wing Bursts Into Flames After Emergency Landing

A passenger on a Singapore Airlines flight recorded the shocking moment a wing caught fire after the plane made an emergency landing.

A Singapore Airlines flight made an emergency landing Monday just before one of its wings suddenly burst into flames.

Horrified passengers watched through the windows as the wing was engulfed in fire just after a Milan-bound Boeing 777-300ER turned around and went back to the city-state early Monday morning.

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The pilot made the emergency landing after getting an oil warning message. 

Singapore Airlines said in a statement: "The aircraft's right engine caught fire after the aircraft touched down at Changi Airport at around 6:50am," the statement reads. "The fire was put out by airport emergency services and there were no injuries to the 222 passengers and 19 crew on board."

A passenger identified as Lee Bee Yee by CNN posted photos on Facebook as well as a video of the burning wing.

Yee's photos also show the passengers as they disembarked via stairs.


"I just escaped death!!!!" Yee wrote in a post from inside the plane. "It was a heart wrenching 5 mins! Waiting for the fire engine and fire fighters to put out the fire! They shot foam and water into the fire and eventually it was put out! We were so close to death!!"

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Yee's photos also show firefighters maneuvering through a foam-covered tarmac.

"Passengers were transferred to another aircraft which departed for Milan around 10:30 a.m.," the Singapore Airlines statement read. 

Singapore Airlines said they will be cooperating fully with the authorities in their investigation.

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