"Crossbow Cannibal" Serial Killer Caught on Tape

A man who dubbed himself "The Crossbow Cannibal" has been convicted of murdering three women, and police are looking for other victims. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A sadistic serial killer was caught on camera moments after murdering a woman in his apartment. He was carrying the crossbow he used to shoot her, and he raised it triumphantly and made a gesture of defiance at the surveillance camera.

40-year-old Stephen Griffiths, who was studying for a PhD in criminology, has confessed to murdering three call girls.

"This is extremely unusual that he got caught on camera and obviously on purpose," says criminal profiler Pat Brown.

There are other disturbing images caught on the camera that we can't show you. One shows Griffiths chasing a woman down a corridor before she is taken down by the crossbow.

A janitor in Griffiths's apartment building in Bradford, England saw the images and alerted police.  

When he was arrested Griffiths confessed everything.  

Officer: "Are you saying you killed Suzanne Rushworth?"
Griffiths: "Yes."
Officer: "And what was the other name?"
Griffiths: "Shelley Armitage."
Officer: "Are you saying you killed Shelley Armitage?"
Griffiths: "Yes."
Officer: "And the last one?"
Griffiths: "Suzanne Blamires."

When he was arrested, he gave his name as "The Crossbow Cannibal" and boasted to investigators: "I've killed a lot more. I've killed loads."

He describes himself as: "…a rational emotionless aberration. I don't have much time for the human race."

"He has no feeling for anybody no empathy whatsoever no remorse he hates everybody, just a vicious, bitter, horrifying human being," Pat Brown tells INSIDE EDITION.

Griffiths had an alter ego he called "Ven Pariah," and he posted disturbing photos of himself on his MySpace page.

He pled guilty to murdering the three women and was sentenced to life in prison

Police say they're going back to investigate the disappearances of dozens of other women who might have been victims of the crossbow serial killer.