Army Mom Screams in Excitement When Seeing Her Deployed Son After 4 Years Away: 'Hi Mom!'

Between being stationed in Fort Blythe in Texas, and being deployed in Afghanistan, Kyle Kracht hardly found a moment to return to his mother's home.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder — and the screams grow louder.

This Utah mom just couldn't help but shout after her army son arrived home in a surprise reunion.

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U.S. Army Specialist Kyle Kracht hasn't seen his mom in four-and-a-half-years.

He said between being stationed in Fort Blythe in Texas, and being deployed in Afghanistan for 9 months, he hardly found a moment to return to his mother's house in West Jordan, Utah.

"I went on several missions including deployment," Kracht told "Things kept coming up."

But, when the 28-year-old finally found a free moment, he jumped at the chance. He contacted other members of his family to help with the surprise.

"After my grandfather bought the ticket, he sent the itinerary to [my mom's husband] and he ran off with her to keep her from finding out," Kracht said. "My grandmother, bless her heart, she didn't talk to [my mom] for a whole month. If she spoke to her, then she would have blown it."

When Kracht finally showed up at his mom's house Friday, it only took the words, "Hi mom," to send his mom screeching in hysterics.

In the video recorded to show his grandparents the surprise, his mom, Cheri Hancock, can be heard screaming at the top of her lungs as she simultaneously runs into the next room in excitement.

"I didn't plan on it being like that," Kracht said, expecting his mom to respond, "Hi son!"

When Hancock finally calms her down, she embraces her son in a hug. Even her dog jumps at the excitement.

"She still can't believe it," Kracht told "Every single time she watches the video she can't believe it and she laughs at herself."

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For the rest of the trip, Kracht said he and his mom spent some long-awaited quality time: "We went and drove around and saw where I grew up as a child, and we spent a lot of time in the car talking and catching up."

When Kracht will be stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia next, he said he will make sure his mom gets the chance to visit him and tour Savannah.

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