Out of Honey? Hungry Bear Breaks Into a Parked Car in Search of Food

A bear gained entry inside a car in North Vancouver when he found a box of protein bars left inside.

No more picnic baskets, Yogi? 

A hungry bear broke into a parked car Wednesday, helping himself to a healthy feast of protein bars left inside.

The damaged vehicle was parked in front of a home in North Vancouver, Canada, overnight when the bear smashed the windows and tried to enter the car.

The animal pried the door open to devour his late night snack. 

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“The family woke up in the morning and discovered that their car was broken into,” Cpl. Richard De Jong, media relations director for the North Vancouver RCMP, told InsideEdition.com

The car’s interior was completely torn apart as the four-legged culprit left several claw marks, paw prints, and fur. The bear was nowhere to be seen.

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The North Vancouver RCMP have seen their fair share of bear break-ins.

In West Vancouver, another vehicle was broken into by a bear that was also in search of food. West Vancouver police estimated the damages would amount to $10,000.

According to Cpl. De Jong, residents along North Shore are encouraged to empty their vehicles of all food items and be educated on bear sightings.

Bears have a keen sense of smell and once they have found a possible meal, they can cause extreme damage to whatever stands in their way.

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