Buttons the Friendly Elk Shows Some Affection to Hard-Working Firefighters

Buttons, a friendly elk, plants kisses on some local firefighters.

Buttons, an adorable and friendly elk, is a true socialite in Kittitas County, Washington.

As a ‘thank you’ for all of their hard work, the elk strolled toward the firefighters of the Kittitas County Fire District and began planting kisses on their faces.

According to Public Information Officer Richelle Risdon, Buttons walked into the command post on her own, and her visit with the rescuers was unprovoked.

Before long, Buttons was sauntering around as if she owned the place.  

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The female adult elk was also seen snuggling up to the firefighters and resting her head on their shoulders, according to Risdon.

The residents of Kittitas County see Buttons as a local celebrity, making friends wherever she goes.

“I had never heard of her before,” Risdon told InsideEdition.com. “But everyone in the county knows her.”

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Orphaned as a baby, Buttons found a new family amongst cows, goats, and horses. She also made life-long friendships with chimpanzees in the nearby chimpanzee sanctuary.

With her newfound circle of diverse animal companions, Buttons doesn’t pay attention to other elks in the area.

“When she sees other elks, she wants nothing to do with them,” Risdon said. “She completely ignores them.”

As such a lovable animal in the neighborhood, the firefighters wanted to keep Buttons safe and away from harm. Risdon captured the photos and shared them on the fire district's social media accounts. 

“I shared her photos so people will be aware of Buttons living in the area,” said Risdon. “That way, hunters will know to stay away from her.” 

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