Jon Bon Jovi Reluctantly Steps In as Wedding Singer at Miami Nuptials

In what turned out to be a not-so-typical wedding reception, Jon Bon Jovi reluctantly took the stage to perform one of his most famous songs.

In what turned out to be a not-so-typical wedding reception, Jon Bon Jovi took the stage to perform his famed song “Livin’ On A Prayer” for some lucky Miami newlyweds.

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The singer had been sitting at a table, enjoying the evening, when all of a sudden, the wedding band led by Lourdes Valentin, broke into the singer’s 80’s smash hit.

Valentin said she had approached Bon Jovi earlier to request a duet with him before the reception, but he had respectfully declined, making her all the more surprised when he eventually gave in to sing the song with her.

The video, captured by Cool Coconut Studios, showed all 3 minutes and 31 seconds of the ordeal, in which Bon Jovi initially appears reluctant to accept the singer’s invitation as she approaches him during the performance in an attempt to entice him to the stage.

But after about a minute, Bon Jovi eventually grabbed the microphone from the jazz singer, and sang the remainder of the song.

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Guests recording the performance were delighted by the rockstar’s participation.

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