Girlfriend of Minnesota Police Shooting Victim Calls for Calm: 'Violence Is Never the Key' | Inside Edition

Girlfriend of Minnesota Police Shooting Victim Calls for Calm: 'Violence Is Never the Key'

Tearful Diamond Reynolds says she is "baffled" by violence at protests against police violence.

Diamond Reynolds, the woman who livestreamed her boyfriend’s death after he was shot  during a traffic stop last week, pleaded for calm Monday, saying “violence is never the key.”

The tearful girlfriend of police shooting victim Philando Castile said she was “baffled” by some protesters who responded to police violence with more violence.

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Following Castile’s death in Minnesota, demonstrators forced the closure of Interstate 94 and reportedly threw objects at police.

“Violence is never the key. It’s not acceptable,” Reynolds said during an appearance on “Good Morning America.”

“We have to be able to come together and lead by example,” she said. “If we’re not able to stand together and control our emotions, then how can we ever expect anyone else in the world to do so?”

Reynolds, whose 4-year-old daughter was in the backseat when police pulled over Castile last week for allegedly having a broken tail light, said her boyfriend informed police he was licensed to carry a gun, but the weapon was never displayed.

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“It never came out. It could never be a threat. [The officer] never asked about it. He didn’t know it was on his person. He came to the car. He said it was a traffic stop for a tail light, and then asked for license and registration. That was it. That was all.”

The St. Anthony Police Department has not released a reason for the traffic stop. Officer Jeronimo Yanez, who fired the fatal shots, said through an attorney that race had nothing to do with the shooting.

“It had everything to do with the presence of a gun,” said lawyer Thomas Kelly.

Reynolds said Monday, “It’s just very unfortunate that things had to resolve like this, and I just want justice to be served.”

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