Rare, Identical Quadruplets Snooze Their Way Through Precious Photo Shoot

With a little help from their neighbors and friends, a Canadian couple raises four identical quadruplets.

In the Canadian community of Hythe, population 821, it takes a village to raise a set of rare, identical quadruplets.

Abigail, Emily, Grace and Mckayla Webb are about to turn 10 weeks old, and their mother says she is thankful for the donations and the volunteers who help her manage.

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People come to her home in two shifts, five days a week. “They do feedings, change diapers, give baths,” Bethani Webb told InsideEdition.com.

“At first, I thought it might be strange,” she said, the idea of strangers coming to her home to help care for her babies. “But it’s definitely good,” she said.

Photos courtesy Noelle Mirabella Photography.

She and her husband, Tim, were expecting their first child, when at 13 weeks she was told by her doctor that there was not one baby coming, but four.

“Shock. I was definitely in shock that there were four instead of one.”

There was no history of multiple births — twins or otherwise — in her family’s history.  Likewise in her husband’s family.

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She put the news up on Facebook that she was having naturally conceived, identical quadruplets and the post went viral, resulting in media stories, national TV interviews and an outpouring of donations including car seats, bouncy chairs, clothes, bottles, and diaper services.

So how do the girls’ parents tell them apart? Each has painted toe nails of a different color. And their ears are pierced with earrings of the same, corresponding colors.

Photos courtesy Noelle Mirabella Photography

Photographer Noelle Mirabella spent three hours with the babies, telling them apart by their hospital bracelets. After giving the girls time to play and tire themselves out, Mirabella and her crew put them in their car seats and drove out to the shoot location.

“By the time we got there, they were all asleep and they stayed asleep for the entire session,” she said.

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