10-Year-Old Boy Charged With Murdering His Mom

In another horrific case of youth violence, a mom is gunned down by her 10-year-old son. INSIDE EDITION talks to the sister who witnessed the shocking crime.

There are shackles on the legs of a 10-year-old. His little handcuffed hands hold Kleenex to dry his tears.

He's charged with an unthinkable crime—gunning down his own mom—46-year-old Deborah McVay.

The accused boy's sister Alicia took INSIDE EDITION cameras inside the family home outside Cleveland, Ohio where the alleged murder took place.

She says an argument erupted when the boy was told to bring in fire wood from a woodpile. He allegedly grabbed a 22 caliber rifle from the rack in his bedroom as his mom talked on the phone.

Alicia said, "She was standing right here in the lving room. And he stood right here, and he just pointed it at her and then shot. And then my mom turned, looked at my little sister and she just, fell. He called 911 and he said, 'My mom's dead. I shot her.' "

The boy can be heard in the background as a neighbor calls 911.

911 operator: Do you know what happened?
Neighbor: I want to know what happened.
Boy: I shot her with a gun.
Neighbor: You shot your mom?
Boy: Yes
Neighbor: Ok, the little boy shot his mom.
Boy: She's dead.

He has pled not guilty. Prosecutor Steve Knowling says the whole community is stunned, saying, "It's a tragedy for everyone involved."

Tragically, shocking alleged crimes by children are on the rise. One baby faced 8th grader tells a 911 operator he shot his father dead last April.

Boy: I shot my father!
911 operator: Is he breathing?
Boy: No. He's dead.

He's awaiting trial in Pensacola, Florida.

And another 11-year-old boy is almost too short for the measuring chart behind him in his mugshot.

He is accused of murdering his dad's pregnant fiance near Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. He pled not guilty and is awaiting trial.

Now another child is accused of a chilling crime.

"Nobody would have imagined or thought something like this could have happened," said Alicia.