Bear Somehow Breaks Into Teen's Car, Gets Locked Inside | Inside Edition

Bear Somehow Breaks Into Teen's Car, Gets Locked Inside

A bear gets itself stuck inside a teen's vehicle.

It was a bear-y scary situation!

Colorado police were shocked when they received a strange call about a furry intruder that broke into a young woman’s car Tuesday morning.

Deputies Josh Tillman and Brian McLaughlin of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office discovered a bear had not only entered the vehicle but somehow locked himself inside.

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To capture the incident, Deputy McLaughlin recorded the bear as he struggled to find a way out, placing his paw on the car’s window.

According to public information officer Jenny Fulton, it’s still a mystery how the bear managed to get in and lock the car doors.

“The car was completely in tact on the outside," the owner of the vehicle, Annie Rooker, told Inside Edition. "Bears: they've been known to just open doors."

The vehicle’s windows were not broken but the deputies were unable to pull the door handles on the trunk of the car to free the bear.

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“They were struggling to open the doors,” Fulton told “For some reason, the handles on the car wouldn’t budge.”

After a few moments of brain-storming, the deputies manually opened the handle on the latch and released the bear.

The bear’s destruction caused extensive damage to the car, including the door panels.

Much to the deputies' surprise, the wild carjacker casually scurried away, back into the forest. 

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