Woman Hangs Upside-Down in Flipped SUV

She flipped her SUV and hung upside-down for 40 minutes, but walked away without a scratch. INSIDE EDITION has more. 

One woman's world literally turned upside-down. Ronni Maclowitz got into a nasty accident, rolling over her SUV.

Ronni, a ballroom dancer, was driving to a lesson when she crossed an overpass above a busy highway in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

All of the sudden Ronni hit a sheet of ice, causing her SUV to spin out of control.  She was slammed into a fence before ending up upside-down, trapped in her SUV.

"The bridge was completely ice covered. I started to skid, the car hit the curb, popped up, and the car flipped backwards," says Ronni.

But she kept her cool: "I reached for my pocketbook, pulled out my cell phone and then dialed 911," she says.

911 Operator: "Are you injured?"

Ronni: "I don't think so."

911 Operator: "Stay on the line with me."

For 40 minutes Ronni hung upside-down while police and rescue workers tried to figure out how to safely remove her from the overturned SUV.

"I said, 'Okay I'm just hanging here....now what?' "

So Ronni got back on the phone and called family, friends, and of course, her dance instructor.

"I said, 'I can't make it. I was in an accident.  I'm upside down.' "

Although Ronni's car was totaled in the flip, she walked away without a scratch.