Woman Meets Her 86th Great-Grandchild Just Days Before Her 86th Birthday

86-year-old Marie Frey has 15 children, 68 grandchildren, and 86 great-grandchildren, with the 87th and 88th due before the end of the year.

This Ohio woman didn't just receive 86 candles on her birthday cake, she now has that many great-grandchildren.

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Blakely Grace Frey became the 86th great-grandchild for Marie Frey in late June, just days before the proud great-grandma turned 86.

Blakely is the fifth daughter for Marie's grandson, Kenny Frey. "I don't think we'll quite make [a family] as big as grandma's," he told InsideEdition.com, "but it'll be big in its own right."

The 36-year-old is one of Marie Frey's 68 grandchildren.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, his new daughter became the second in the ever-growing family to be given the first name Blakely, even though the name does not hold significant meaning for the family tree. There are also five Logans in the family—another name that doesn't hold particular significance.

In fact, the great-grandmother is expecting baby number 87 and 88 to follow closely in the upcoming year.

The 87th great-grandchild is due in three weeks, and will become the 7th grandchild to 49-year-old Rosanne Goodrich, who was the 13th of Marie's 15 children. 

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The 49-year-old said there was never a dull moment growing up on the family farm in Upper Sandusky.

"We milked cows every night and every morning — 5 o'clock and 5 o'clock," Goodrich explained. "We all worked the field but the boys did the majority of the tractor drawing."

She remembers sharing 21 loaves the bread man would drop off weekly with her 9 sisters and 5 brothers, and making the rest of the milk and butter on the farm with her family.

Even though their family members are numerous, Marie's kindness extended past her flesh and blood. Goodrich said growing up, they often had other people in the community at their home, in addition to everyone who lived there.

"Everyone flocked to our house," she said, noting that their door was always open, "if someone needed a place to live or if they were struggling with home life."

To this day, Marie continues to welcome her growing family to the farm, where she still lives. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, Marie Frey hosts a celebration there. Over time, the party grew, and now, each holiday includes up to 200 guests.

"Most of them are there every holiday. It's just a madhouse," Goodrich said. "Mom makes the main dish, and everyone brings at least one dish. Most bring three to share."

The home's basement is set up like a cafeteria, with long communal tables and a huge buffet table to accommodate the family and friends that arrive.

"It's just an open invitation," Goodrich said. "There's always somebody from the community here that doesn't have anywhere else to go."

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The one thing Goodrich said there was always enough of was noise: "There's always kids running around and everyone trying to talk over each other. We would be arguing one moment and five minutes later, sitting and playing a game together."

But in general, Goodrich said the entire family gets along. Though there are so many of them, they all know each other by name, and know exactly how they are related.

"We all live within the same area. No matter where we go, we pass someone related to us," Goodrich explained, joking, "I got into a bad car accident once, and it was my cousin that hit me."

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