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21-Year-Old Student and Mom of 7 Among the Dead in Nice Truck Attack

Victoria Savchenko, pictured, was one of the 84 people killed in Thursday's attack.

With the death toll rising past 80 in Thursday night’s attack in the French resort city of Nice, attentions are now turning to the missing and identifying the dead.

At least two victims who were killed are American. Sean Copeland and his 11-year-old son Brodie had been visiting from Texas on a family vacation. 


Another American, Nick Leslie, visiting France as a student from the University of California at Berkeley and who was in the area during the attack, was unaccounted for Friday afternoon.


Among the others who lost their lives were students, teachers, tourists, locals and at least 10 children.

More than 200 people were injured in the attacks, and about 50 of those remain in critical condition, French authorities said Friday morning.

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Victoria Savchenko, 21

Victoria Savchenko was enjoying Bastille Day celebrations along the Nice promenade. The 21-year-old Russian had been a student at the prestigious Financial University in Moscow before she was killed in Thursday night’s attack.  

Savchenko’s friend, Polina Serebryannikova, who suffered numerous injuries, described a scene of chaos.

"We saw this truck moving in a strange trajectory,” she told the British newspaper, the Daily Mirror. "My friend was hit and died.”

Fatima Charrihi

Though the Nice attacks appears to be France’s latest brush with Islamic terrorism, at least one of the victims was a Muslim woman, Fatima Charrihi.

Charrihi was identified to local French media by her son Hamza. Like many others, she had been enjoying holiday festivities in the storied French Riviera and visiting family.

“My brother tried to resuscitate her,” Hamza told the French newspaper L’express. “Doctors told us she died on the spot.”

Charrihi leaves behind seven children.

Nice: "Ma mère est morte dans l'attentat. Elle pratiquait un vrai islam" https://t.co/2MNYZLe6ae pic.twitter.com/8cFtxpOmwU

July 15, 2016

Robert Marchand, 60

Marchand had been visiting Nice from his home in the eastern French town of Marcigny. Marchand, who worked as an industrial supervisor, was also a coach in the local athletic club.

Marcigny mayor, Louis Poncet, called Marchand a "very dedicated, passionate" man, "who had advanced the athletics club to the highest level,” the Independent reported.

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Michael Pellegrini, 28

Hailing from France’s northeastern village of Herserange, 28-year-old Michael Pellegrini was an economics professor at a local college. Pellegrini had been visiting Nice for Bastille Day celebrations with his mother Véronique Lion and grandparents, Francis and Christiane Locatelli. All four were killed in Thursday’s terrorist attack, the Guardian and local sources reported.

Timothy Fournier, 27

Timothy Fournier has been in Nice with his wife who was seven months pregnant. When the carnage began, Fournier, a Parisian tobacconist, managed to push his wife to safety, but only at the cost of his own life.

A cousin told the French magazine Le Figaro that Fournier would have done anything for his wife and unborn child, the Sun reported.

Other confirmed victims at this time include Linda Casanova, 54, a customs official in Switzerland and Jean-Marc Leclerc, assistant head of the Nice border police. Reports also indicate that citizens from Great Britain, Ukraine, Morocco and Germany were among the dead.

During a press conference Friday, French president François Hollande added that as many as 50 other injured victims were "between life and death."

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