Elderly Couple Facing Eviction After Grandson Allegedly Scams Them Out of Their Home

"I didn't think that my grandson would do that to me. He would be the last person," said 87-year-old Helen Kawecki.

This elderly couple never imagined the day they would face eviction from their California home, or that such an ordeal would allegedly be the work of their beloved grandson.

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Helen and Hank Kawecki, 87 and 88, are now packing away more than 56 years' worth of things they accumulated in preparation for their Monday eviction.

They claim none of this would have happened if not for their grandson, whom they have accused of deceiving them into forfeiting their Thousand Oaks home.

"I didn't think that my grandson would do that to me. He would be the last person," Helen Kawecki said in an interview with CBS Los Angeles.

Their neighbor, Doug Emerson, told InsideEdition.com that it all started in January, when he noticed for sale signs on their lawn.

"We asked Helen, and she said, No, that's just her grandson. He's just having someone come over to look into having more money come out of it," Emerson said.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the Kawecki's were thinking about taking out a loan from the bank two years ago, when their grandson suggested he do it in his name instead. He allegedly told his grandparents that because they were retired, they would have a harder time taking out a loan.

Trusting him, they said they signed the house over to him.

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"We didn't really read it," Helen Kawecki said, assuming the documents contained what her grandson had claimed.

Then, after they took out a loan for approximately $470,000, their grandson convinced them they would save money if he kept the money in his account and gave them monthly allowances, The Acorn reported.

He then told the Kaweckis that bank agents were coming by to assess the home, when real estate agents were actually showing their property to potential buyers, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Emerson said he caught on when a couple arrived at his front door, and introduced themselves as his new neighbors.

Despite filing a lawsuit against their grandson immediately after realizing what had happened, their attorney Ed Elrod explained to InsideEdition.com that even if they win the case, the resolution would not come until after they were evicted.

Plus, the Kawecki spent the last of their money on legal fees.

For the time being, the couple are getting through the devastating process with the help of their community.

Emerson said he and his wife were more than happy to let the couple stay in their guest room, and Boy Scout troops came to their home to help them pack up their belongings.

"[They] don't even know her, and are doing it [to] help somebody's grandma," Elrod told InsideEdition.com.

But, Helen Kawecki has remained distraught through the entire event.

"Helen wasn't eating or drinking," their neighbor said, including that she has been in and out of the emergency room over the last few months.

Even their lawyer has been worried for her health: "I'm very concerned for her wellbeing. Helen was so upset, because [that was] somebody that they loved and trusted."

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The couple said have not spoken to their grandson, whom they called their "treasure child," since the incident.

Multiple InsideEdition.com requests for comment from the Kaweckis' grandson were unreturned Friday.

The investigation is ongoing, according to the Ventura County District Attorney, although the grandson is not currently facing any criminal charges. 

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