Catabunga! Extreme Kitties Skateboard, Surf and Dance in YouTube Videos

California born Robert Dollwett, who now lives in Gold Coast, Australia, has turned his two well-trained and talented cats into internet stars.

Meet the man who has turned his two extremely well-trained and talented cats into the internet's next big stars.

California-born Robert Dollwett, who now lives in Gold Coast, Australia, is taking YouTube by storm with Didga and Boomer, his feline pets who star in the YouTube channel he started called "CATMANTOO."

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The wildly popular channel features amazing videos of the cats skateboarding, skimboarding and surfing, to name a few.

Dollwett, a former dog trainer, said the inception of "CATMANTOO" came innocently enough.

“I knew I had to teach the cat to do something kind of cool, but we were out and about and Didga was the one who climbed on this guy's skateboard. It surprised me and gave me the idea to bring it to the next level,” Dollwet told

After much practice, Didga, whom Dollwett adopted as just a kitten, was able to learn how to ride a skateboard, performing her skills down the streets of Australia and even inside skate parks.

“The videos are very controlled. We practice to skateboard from here to here and less and less until gravity takes over, I can just take her off the board and let her be wherever, she’s gotten to that point,” Dollwett said.

Apart from skateboarding, the cats have also been trained to perform parkour and surf, sometimes on the backs of dogs, experiences that have all been captured in Dollwet’s creative videos.

Dollwet has also made a number of “music videos” involving both cats and dogs, many performed to popular summer songs, some of which garnering fame from not only his followers, but also celebrities like Tony Hawk and Pharrell Williams. 

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“I started making personal videos for my clients, and then taught a cat how to use toilet. That went viral, then I moved to Australia five years later, got a cat, and made a video that got a lot more attention,” Dollwet said.

Despite the celebrities that the two cats have become, Dollwet considers the duo to be part of his family, and takes joy in the fact that they were both rescue animals.  

Boomer is from a shelter and that’s the best part. When they say animals pick you, they definitely pick you,” Dollwet told

To see more of Didga, Boomer and Dollwet’s videos visit his Youtube, Instagram or Facebook page.

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