Ted Williams Allegedly Engages In A Heated Argument And Was Taken To The Police Station

The man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, landed in the police station in Los Angeles after a heated argument with one of his daughters. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

Trouble for Ted Williams!

The man with the golden voice saw his reputation tarnished on a trip to Hollywood when he allegedly raised that voice to his daughter and the cops were called!

It happened at the Renaissance Hotel on Monday night, when Ted Williams, the man whose amazing voice took him from homeless on a highway to instant stardom as a voiceover man, allegedly got into a yelling altercation with his daughter.

Until then, William's first-ever trip to Hollywood had been thrilling for him, as he literally jumped for joy upon meeting basketball star Kobe Bryant.

He also waved to fans from a tour bus and vowed to not to backslide into the habits of his criminal past.

But at about 9 p.m. on Monday, cops responded to a disturbance call at the Renaissance Hotel, where they say William's and his daughter were embroiled in a heated argument.

A police spokesman said an investigation was conducted and the two individuals were transferred to the Hollywood station. No one was arrested or booked for any crime in relation to this incident.

Williams and his daughter were released less than an hour later.