Bride Raps to Vanilla Ice's Hit Song During Wedding Speech: 'He Got Me Ice, Ice, Baby'

The groom, Aiden Dwyer, later joked: "Myself and the best man had to speak after that. People really weren't that interested in what we had to say."

This modern bride had a special message for her groom, and what better way to deliver it than with a song she rapped during her wedding speech in front of all their guests.

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Ina O'Brien who hails from a northwestern town in Ireland knew she didn't want to prepare the same, stuffy wedding toast when she married her boyfriend of 8 years, so she brought the funk by channeling "Ice Ice Baby."

"He got me ice, ice, baby," Ireland bride Ina O'Brien rapped, replacing the words to Vanilla Ice's original song for the story of how they got married. "Now, I'm his wifey, baby."

Her groom, Aiden Dwyer, told that he was shocked: "I had an idea she was up to something, but was gobsmacked with the final result."

Dwyer said his bride finalized the rap three weeks before the wedding. To practice, she contacted Dwyer's DJ friend, and snuck in rehearsals using his microphone.

And the result was overwhelming.

As she wrapped up her verse, the reception burst into applause. Even the groom was speechless.

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"Myself and the best man had to speak after that," he said, "people really weren't that interested in what we had to say."

The Facebook video from their Sunday wedding, which now has nearly 200,000 views, has since gone viral, but O'Brien joked: "Think it's a bit early to quit the day job."

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