Purr-Manent Press: Cat Uses 1 of Its 9 Lives in Spin Cycle After Sneaking Into Washing Machine

Bobby the Bengal cat survived a horrifying spin cycle inside his owner's washing machine.

Bobby, a brave feline, is now down to eight lives after surviving a terrifying spin cycle in his owner’s washing machine in England.

The 9-month-old Bengal cat quietly snuck into the machine for a quick nap when owner, Lisa Keefe, wasn’t looking.

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Keefe told InsideEdition.com that she tried to open the door when she heard a loud thumping noise coming from inside the machine.

“Bobby was stuck inside with my husband’s quilt that I put in,” said Keefe. “I immediately emptied the machine when I heard the bumping and took him out.”

The twisting and turning of Keefe’s washing machine left Bobby weak and unable to stand.

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Keefe rushed the cat to Nottingham Pet Hospital where veterinarians treated him with IV fluids for shock.

"They were going to do an X-Ray to see if he swallowed any detergent," Keefe said. “They kept him overnight to monitor him and he came home with us the next day.”

According to Keefe, Bobby is now doing well and his survival story earned him a nomination for the PDSA Pet Survivor award.

“It’s fantastic,” Keefe said about Bobby’s nomination. "I’m just glad he's safe and sound."

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