Body Cam Captures Cops Rescuing Suspected Armed Robbers From Burning Car After Chase

An officer's body cam's footage shows him reaching into the car and grabbing the unconscious suspect's arm, attempting to pull him out of the fire.

These Texas police officers didn't think twice before saving a suspect's life, even if it meant putting their own lives in danger.

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In harrowing footage from one cop's body cam, Fort Worth Police Department Officers Lake and Latham can be seen rescuing a suspect from a flaming car with their bare hands, even though the cops believed he was carrying a weapon.

Public information officer Marcus Povero told that the officers were responding to a reported armed home invasion and robbery earlier this month. Cops said the three suspects, stole a firearm, fled the scene in a car, where they were intercepted by officers on a highway.

For several minutes, cops gave chase at speeds "well over 100 miles per hour," until the suspects were struck by a pick-up truck after running a red light.

Moments later, the car burst into flames.

According to the Fort Worth Police Department, one suspect fled on foot after the wreck, and another was detained.

But a suspect in the passenger seat was still in the vehicle, "unconscious from the impact of the accident," the police department reported.

Though officers at the scene suspected there were weapons in the car, Officers Lake and Latham didn't hesitate when they saw the unconscious suspect in danger.

Latham's body cam footage, which was later uploaded to Facebook, shows him reaching into the car along with Officer Lake, and pulling him out of the flaming car.

"Hey, give me your hand," Lake could be heard saying, urgently. "Your car's on fire, man."

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The unconscious suspect was immediately handcuffed, and transported to a hospital to be treated for his injuries.

According to Povero, the unconscious suspect remains hospitalized since the July 16 incident. 

The stolen firearm was later recovered from the vehicle.

All three suspects have since been arrested for aggravated robbery. In addition, the driver of the car is also facing charges of evading in a vehicle, and another suspect is facing charges of unlawfully carrying a weapon and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon.

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