Cop Apprehends Rogue Cows Hoofing It Through Town: 'Don't Run From Me!'

These mad cows were no match for one cop!

It was certainly one of the more "a-moo-zing" dispatches that Ernie McVaine ever received.

On Thursday, the Windham, Maine, police officer heard news of cows on the loose “attacking” cars off a sparsely populated local road.   

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“They came from an area farm. They had escaped through a fence,” he told Inside Edition.

Without missing a beat, the dedicated policeman sprang into action against the rogue bovine. With his body camera rolling, McVaine also used the opportunity to create a humorous video of the encounter.

After the footage was uploaded to the Windham Police Department Facebook page, McVaine became something of a celebrity.

“The responses to it has just been awesome,” he said, adding that he hoped the video would help ordinary people better connect with law enforcement. “The whole scenario is sort of an opportunity for me to humanize our uniform, to give our uniforms a face and a personality.”

For those wondering – McVaine didn’t actually make any arrests.

"I don’t carry a lasso on my car,” he said.

The officer ended up shooing the cows off the road before going back on patrol. Later that evening, he was informed they were collected by a local farmer.

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