The Dog Days of Summer: Golden Retriever Entertains Itself With Hula Hoop

This pooch found a simple way to entertain itself.

Dogs are known to find ways to keep themselves occupied, whether it is running around, chasing a ball and in one golden retriever’s case, spinning around in a hula hoop.

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The overly enthusiastic pooch got its mouth on a hula hoop and began spinning around like a child in without a care in the world.

A video of the "hoopla," posted on Facebook by Kyoot Animals, has already racked up more than 46,000 views.

In the video, the dog even runs around to show off the new plastic toy.

Even though the canine is already man’s best friend, it is twirling straight into the hearts of viewers.

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One commenter person said: “That's some snazzy technique he's got there! Lol too cute.”

“That is just so stinking cute,” wrote another.

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