'America's Got Talent' Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong as Contestant Is Hit With Flaming Arrow on Live TV

The stuntman luckily walked away unscathed.

It was a heart-stopping moment on America’s Got Talent Tuesday when a stunt went horribly wrong on live TV.

Ryan Stock, a Canadian stunt man and professional sword swallower, was shot in the chest with a flaming arrow after his fiancée, Amber Lynn Walker, missed a target that was in his mouth.

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The accident unfolded during a live broadcast of the popular competition show and left the judges and audience in utter shock.

Stock began his bit by promising two “extremely dangerous stunts.”

“Why are we judging this act?” judge and AGT creator Simon Cowell asked. “Amber just shot Ryan and he needs to go to a hospital now.”

Following a brief commercial break, host Nick Cannon assured viewers that Stock was treated by EMTs and was doing fine.

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“This is live TV and anything can happen but we want you to know he did not get punctured,” Cannon said.

Following the incident, Stock took to Twitter to assure fans he's OK.

After the show, he spoke to America’s Got Talent about the mishap.

“Normally when I do that stunt, the arrow actually goes down my throat. That is what is supposed to happen,” he said. “It goes down the tube and shoots pyrotechnics. That is what is supposed to happen but we had an equipment malfunction.”

Coney Island sword swallower Adam Real Man told Inside Edition: “A real arrow is dangerous enough. Then you got the sword in you and the fact that A) it didn’t catch on fire and B) he didn’t perforate himself, he is very lucky.”

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