Dog Stuck on Iron Fence in Shocking Photo: 'He Got Himself Impaled'

Poor Wilbur was chasing birds when he made the ill-advised jump.

A dog in North Carolina is thanking his lucky stars after the canine was impaled on an iron fence near his backyard.

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Wilbur the dog’s vital organs were astonishingly not hit or damaged after the spike from the fence went straight through his hip area. The lucky pooch is expected to make a full recovery.

Wilbur’s story became an internet sensation after he was shown in a nauseating photo. The yellow lab was chasing birds when he tried to jump the 6-foot fence at the Charlotte home.

Owner Mary Anne Dixon-Hubbard was shocked to find Wilbur impaled on the fence when she came home from the grocery store.

She called 911 and told the surprised operator: “I have a dog that tried to jump over a fence but got himself impaled.”

Mary Ann’s son held up the 90-pound dog until rescuers arrived.

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To get Wilbur off the fence, firefighters brought out a saw that's normally used to rescue people from mangled cars to cut it.

They actually brought Wilbur to the vet with the spike still in him. Dr. Laura Dvorak showed Inside Edition the spike that went through him.

"It first went into his belly and then he somehow repositioned himself and it slid where it came out near his rear end under his tail," she said. "He should make a full recovery and have no complications from this whatsoever." 

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