What a Shocker: Man Nearly Struck by Lightning as He Live Streams Thunderstorm

Nick Griemsmann felt his arm get tingly as the lightning bolt struck way too close for comfort.

The blogger who had a brush with death while live streaming a lightning storm says he was shaken by what he endured.

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Nick Griemsmann was using the Periscope app to stream four days ago when the bolt a lightning nearly struck him.

"It was a very scary moment," he told Inside Edition: “My left arm got tingly, I was holding the phone with my left hand, and the phone flew out, it shocked me. It was like an oven opening.”

He also posted about the event on Instagram, saying: “I think Father God protected me from dying from a lightning strike tonight while broadcasting LIVE on Periscope.”

The drama occurred as severe weather swept Arizona Friday night. 

"I never believed that lightning would ever get that close [to] me," he told Inside Edition. 

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He also posted a slow motion version of the strike.

According to the National Weather Service, there were about 150,000 flashes of lightning that hit the ground as the freak storm passed through central Arizona Friday night.

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