Clown Wandering City in the Middle of the Night Is Creeping People Out

The clown is carrying black balloons and looks really freaky.

In Wisconsin, Green Bay Police Department Capt. Kevin Warych has heard enough about this creepy clown, thank you very much.

“It’s Halloween for this guy. People are going nuts about it,” Warych said.

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On a Facebook page called “Gags,” there are grainy, out-of-focus photos of a very tall, very weird-looking clown clutching a bouquet of black balloons.

He is supposedly wandering around Green Bay in the middle of the night, frightening or freaking out members of the general populace.

A few have called police, who can’t do much because it’s not a crime to walk around in a clown suit at any time of the day or night, Warych said.

“It’s crazy. I can’t believe it’s gone around the country,” he added.

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One local reporter said it was really a publicity stunt for a low-budget horror film being shot in the area, Warych said.

Which would make certain sense, since the clown looks very much like the demonic, wigged menace of Stephen King’s “It.”

“We’re getting calls saying ‘A clown’s walking South Broadway at 2 a.m.,” Warych said, laughing. “People should be sleeping at 2 a.m.”

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