Megyn Kelly Shocked as Donald Trump Brings Up 'Blood' Debacle Again

'Oh, good God,' was her stunned reply.

Megyn Kelly was surprised to hear that Donald Trump is bringing up old controversies from his campaign at a recent rally, including those involving the Fox News host.

During her show, The Kelly File, Wednesday, she asked: “What is he doing re-litigating every controversy from the primary season?"

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During a campaign stop in Daytona Beach, Florida, Wednesday, the GOP presidential nominee did not focus on his plan to "make America great again" nor his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Instead, the billionaire brought up past controversies that he claims the media is blowing out of proportion.

Trump even brought up the “blood feud” he had with Kelly following the first GOP debate last August. Kelly, a debate moderator, had apparently upset Trump, who said he did not like her line of questioning toward him.

In the days following the debate, he said of Kelly: "She had blooding coming out of everywhere."

During his rally on Wednesday, he tried to clarify his comments almost a year later.

"I meant her nose or her ears or her mouth,” Trump said. “But these people are perverted and they thought I was talking about somewhere else. And I cut [the comment] short because I was talking about taxes or economic development... I wanted to get back on the subject.”

Kelly’s response to his recent comments had her saying: “oh, good God,” as she put her head in her hands.

She added: “Must he help them?! Must he help them so generously every day?!”

In May, the duo buried the hatchet in an interview for Fox News.

During the session at Trump Tower in Manhattan, Kelly told the real estate tycoon, "let’s talk about us.” She brought up the August debate when she asked about his history of name-calling against women.

Trump said he felt Kelly was being unfair during her line of questioning at the time.

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Kelly fired back, saying, "I thought it was a fair question. Why didn't you?"

Trump responded that it was a statement more than question and believed it was unfair.

Kelly then pushed him on his use of the word “bimbo,” a word he has called her in the past.

"Did I say that?" Trump asked before adding: "[It's] not the most horrible thing. Over your life, you've been called much worse."

Following the interview, she said they reached a "truce."

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