Delta Disaster: Thousands Left Stranded After Airline's Entire Computer Network Crashes

A power outage was blamed for the outage that left hundreds of planes on the ground.

A global computer outage at Delta Airlines early Monday grounded all of the airline’s flights around the world, leaving millions of travelers stranded.

The glitch even led one gate agent to issue boarding passes by hand.

One of those stranded was Saturday Night Live's Jay Pharoah, best known for his dead-on impersonation of President Obama.

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He passed the time by rapping. “We can’t take off - cause we on Delta flights - we ain’t going nowhere,” he sang.

Delta said the power failure originated from its headquarters in Atlanta, and crashed the entire network.

Long lines were reported across the U.S. and at just about every major airport across the globe, including London and Rome.

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Most passengers seemed to be remarkably patient, considering the inconvenience. But the fiasco has many asking how a giant like Delta could come down so easily.

Travel expert Karen Schaler told Inside Edition, "Where's the backup plan? Shouldn't there be one system that's not on the same grid so if something like this happens they're not crippled and they can communicate?"

She added, "I think for an airline that makes billions of dollars a year, one of the largest in the world, we can expect to have a safe assumption that if something goes wrong, we're not all going to be crippled and not be able to fly."

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