After Contestant Is Hit With Flaming Arrow on 'America's Got Talent' Stunt Gone Wrong, Couple Gets a Do-Over

Ryan Stock and his fiancee Amber Lynn get a second chance to prove themselves after the utter disaster on stage.

The couple whose stunt went horribly wrong on the America's Got Talent stage last week is now getting a chance to redeem themselves.

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Performer Ryan Stock swallowed a candlestick on America's Got Talent last Tuesday so his fiancée Amber Lynn could hit the bull's-eye at the base with a flaming arrow.

The stunt went terribly awry and Stock was hit in the neck with the arrow.

Lynn told Inside Edition: "This was the first time this stunt has ever been performed. Not one has ever done this or performed anything like it before." 

Stock and Lynn redid the stunt on their Facebook page to show what it is supposed to look like.

"It was important to redo it for the public to show them how the stunt works," Stock told Inside Edition. 

After the accident on America’s Got Talent, Stock said he was fine and sustained a bruise on his neck.

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“It’s healing pretty quickly. It was just a slight burn and slight scrape,” he said.

Lynn added: “If you fail, try again. Don’t give up.”

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