Family of 5, Including Daughter Who Received Heart Transplant, Found Dead in Murder-Suicide

Megan Short, who was found dead with her husband and their three young children, had told friends she planned to leave him.

A Pennsylvania mom found dead with her husband and three young children in an apparent murder-suicide had told friends she planned to leave him.

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The mother, Megan Short, posted on Facebook about the alleged abuse, and that she needed assistance moving out of her house in Sinking Spring Saturday, a neighbor told CBS News.

Police said they found the bodies of Megan Short, Mark Short Sr. and their children, Lianna, Mark Jr., and Willow, dead in the living room. The couple had been having "domestic issues,” the DA’s office said.

They did not identify the shooter.

A gun was reportedly found near one of the adults. Police also said they also recovered a handwritten note, reported CBS News.

A neighbor, Angie Burke, said Megan had posted a reply on Facebook to an article about abuse, reportedly saying in July, "It really does a number on your mental health for sure," and "This is why I am leaving my marriage Angie. 16 years."

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She also posted frequently about her youngest daughter, who had a heart transplant after birth. In May, she reportedly wrote, "I have been super emotional over everything the past couple days. Just when I get used to her getting a little bit of normal childhood, I am reminded of all that she has to endure throughout her life.”

“Thankfully, she is a happy, happy girl who truly loves life,” she continued. “It's like she just knows life is precious. I am not looking forward to the day that she starts asking questions about it all and realizes she is different. Soaking in every single minute of her joy."

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