Washington Post Columnist Calls For Desiree Rogers to Resign

An influential Washington Post columnist is calling for White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers to resign on the heels of the report that there was a third crasher at November's state dinner. INSIDE EDITION

"I think that the best thing for everybody would be for everybody Desiree Rogers to step down," says influential Washington Post columnist Sally Quinn, who is calling for White House Social Secretary Desiree Rogers to step down.

The final straw was the report that in addition to the now-infamous Tareq and Michaele Salahi, there was a third gate crasher at that White House state dinner in November.

"The role of the Social Secretary is to be a behind the scenes person, is to be a hired hand, to do the dirty work, and I don't think that's who she is," Quinn tells INSIDE EDITION.

"The whole thing is appalling. I have never seen anything like this in my life," she continues.

She says Secret Service director Mark Sullivan, who testified before Congress and took responsibility for the breach, should also step down.

"The Secret Service missed out on every area," she says. "They didn't check when people came through the gate, they didn't check names at the door."

The third crasher has been identified as Carlos Allen, the publisher of an online society magazine. A picture from his website shows Allen posing with Michaele Salahi. Allen claims he was invited to the dinner, but Quinn insists heads should roll.

"When the President's life is at risk, there is nothing more serious than that, and I think that the people who are responsible for that need to step up and take responsibility and resign," says the columnist.