Partygoer Shows How He Turned a Dumpster into a Swimming Pool For The Whole Street

Now Justyn Myers' makeshift swimming pool is inspiring others across the country.

A Philadelphia man found a clever way to create a pool in the middle of the heat... by using a dumpster.

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But it wasn't easy.

“I called 10 dumpster companies and they all said no,” Justyn Myers told Inside Edition.

Eventually a construction company agreed and then “we powerwashed it and lined it with plywood and plastic," he said.

The makeshift pool was used at a recent block party, and photos of the stunt went viral.

But the city was not amused.

“I thought I had it covered because I had a block party permit but they said I would have to have a building permit and for a pool, they had to inspect,” Myers said.

Officials also took issue with using a municipal fire hydrant to fill the dumpster with water. City Hall even felt the need to issue no nonsense statement in case anyone else had the same idea. "We are not screwing around," it said.

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In the statement, the city added it “strongly recommends that residents opt for recreational options that are safer, more sanitary, and less likely to deplete the resources firefighters need in an emergency.”

In years past, Myers and his friends have lined the beds of trucks to create a pool.

Myers has told Inside Edition that he is complying with the city and in the future will make them aware of what he has planned.

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