Watch Out Adele! Fan Plucked From Crowd Wows With Rendition of Singer's Hit

Adele was shocked when Jamie Grace started to sing.

A woman who was invited to sing on stage with Adele in Los Angeles on Tuesday says the experience has been "emotional."

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Georgia native Jamie Grace, 24, was plucked from the crowd during Adele’s concert at the Staples Center. She sang her song, “Remedy” and Elvis’ classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

“The experience was so great. I have been kind of emotional,” Grace told Inside Edition.

During her performance of “Remedy,” she fumbled the lyrics in front of the sold-out crowd, but Adele encouraged her to continue.

“It was the second line of the chorus and I blanked. I totally blanked,” she told Inside Edition.

The star was so impressed with Grace’s skills, she asked to keep in touch with her via Twitter.

“I tweeted her and said thank you,” Grace said.

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In the past, Grace has posted video of herself covering Adele on her Instagram page:

Grace also took to Instagram to share her moment in the spotlight.

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