Nearly 20 Years After JonBenet Ramsey's Murder, Where is Her Family Today?

Two decades on, questions about the 6-year-old's killing remain.

The murder of JonBenet Ramsey is one of the most baffling mysteries in U.S. criminal history, and as the 20th anniversary of her killing approaches, the case continues to intrigue.

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“This case has been shocking ever since it broke 20 years ago," People senior editor Alicia Dennis told Inside Edition.

The 6-year-old’s body was found in the basement of her Boulder, Colorado, home on December 26, 1996.

"JonBenet died of strangulation," Dennis said. "She was hit really hard in the head with a blunt object and investigators tell us that the wound would have eventually killed her." 

Dennis added that Boulder police continue to investigate the crime. In 2008, JonBenet’s parents, John and Patsy, were cleared as suspects. Patsy had been dead for two years after a battle with ovarian cancer.

John Ramsey, now 72, remarried in 2011 to fashion designer Jan Rousseaux. 

JonBenet's brother, Burke Ramsey, 29, will appear in a special three-part season premiere on Dr. Phil starting Monday, September 12, to talk about his sister's case for the first time on television. 

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TV projects about the murder mystery are also scheduled for the 20th anniversary. A Lifetime movie called Who Killed JonBenet? premieres in the fall.

Two documentaries are set to air in September one on Investigation Discovery called JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery, a three-part docu-series, and The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey, a six-hour, three-part series on CBS.

The executive producer of the show, Tom Foreman, told Inside Edition: "It was a beautiful girl, a wealthy family - no question why people talk about it to this day." 

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