Teen Reunites With Long-Lost Little Sister at Job Fair After 8 Years Apart

The trooper who witnessed the reunion said he was especially touched because he, too, was a part of the foster care system when he was a boy.

He went to find a job, but ended up finding his sister, whom he hadn't seen in eight years as they both struggled to survive in the foster care system.

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New Jersey Trooper Quaron Crenshaw, 39, told InsideEdition.com he was hosting a recruiting fair at Rutgers University, targeting foster kids, when suddenly, he heard screaming.

When Crenshaw went to investigate, he found an emotional 19-year-old named Terrell, who told him he had just found his long lost sister, 18-year-old Faith. 

"They hugged for hours," said Crenshaw, who did not share the teens' last names. "It was an exciting moment."

Terrell later told Crenshaw that he lost contact with his younger sister after they were placed in foster care and that she had changed her last name, making it impossible for him to find her. 

But he never gave up hope. He scoured Facebook to no avail. Faith was trying to find her brother, as well.

It was Terrell who spotted Faith at the job fair earlier this month. He yelled her name across the auditorium, desperate to not to lose her again, and shouted, "You're my sister!"

"I loved this story. It gave me chills because it reminded me so much of myself," said Crenshaw, who was also in foster care when he was younger.

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When Crenshaw was 7 years old, he entered the system and was adopted soon after.

He kept in touch with a brother, but he quickly lost contact with three other siblings.

Eventually, he and his wife came to adopt two little girls of their own, ages 4 and 7.

"It's good to see a reuniting of a family like that," he said.

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