Man Breaks Down In Tears As Wife Announces She's Pregnant During Photo Shoot

Brandon Dows immediately broke down in tears when her wife turned around with the words, "You're going to be a daddy!" written on her chalkboard.

A romantic photoshoot is normally filled with smiles and cheer, but this one was all the more touching when a Wisconsin man broke down in tears of joy when his wife surprised him mid-session by announcing she was pregnant.

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Bri Dows, 24, told that she had always known her husband would be excited to be a father.

So when it came to breaking the news to Brandon, 26, she said, "I knew that I had to make the moment special for him."

She organized a meeting with her photographer friend, Samantha Boos, who also shot their wedding. The pair then decided to tell Brandon they had won a free photo shoot.

"Brandon was not suspicious at all," she said. "He had no idea."

During the photo session, Boos presented the couple with two blackboards, and instructed them to write three words describing the other person.

While Brandon thought long and hard about the three words he would write down, "Love, cute, sweet," Bri already had her chalkboard written out and prepared for the unveiling.

When Bri turned around with the words, "You're going to be a daddy" written on the front, Boos captured the moment when he paused, shocked.

Then, he could be seen embracing his wife, with tears streaming down his face.

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"Brandon was very excited to become a dad," she told

The couple, who are due February 11, are now looking forward to a unique gender reveal party to be hosted by Brandon's sister.

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